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Zina is a Chaldean-American Attorney who was born in Baghdad, Iraq, to a Chaldean Christian family with deep roots in Mesopotamia Iraq, as is the case with all of our board members. Zina’s family left Iraq while she was just a toddler and she grew up in the United States.

Zina has been aiding the Chaldean-Iraqi Christian community for over 20 years of advocacy work, refugee resettlement assistance, human rights and genocide work, and humanitarian projects. While in law school, Zina conducted extensive research and legal work, under the guidance of an International Law Professor expert, regarding the Genocide against Iraqi Christians which formed the basis for continuing her work in fighting for and promoting the human rights, political rights, and legal rights of Iraqi Christians and other Middle Eastern Christians.

Zina obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and her law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law, with honors. In addition to lending her knowledge and experience to the Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council, Zina serves as an international attorney for a multi-national corporation and serves as a pro-bono legal and policy advisor on international affairs for the Iraqi Christian community.

She also heads the Iraqi Christian Genocide Project on behalf of Iraqi Christians; a Project which works to seek accountability and reparations for the Genocide victims. Zina is bilingual in English and Aramaic.