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Through advocacy, humanitarian relief projects, and legal projects, the Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council promotes, defends, and advances human, legal, and political rights for Iraqi Christians and other Middle East Christians.

The Council, through an experienced and knowledgeable team of predominantly Chaldeans-Iraqi Christians, serves to give a voice to the voiceless and persecuted in the birthplace of Christianity. If the human rights, culture, and history of ancient Middle Eastern Christian communities are not protected and advanced, then we will inevitably see an extinction of Christianity in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and the rest of the Middle East. In turn, the potential extinction of ancient Middle Eastern Christian communities from our homelands creates further instability, violence, and intolerance towards other communities in the Middle East, as well as Christians in other parts of the world.

Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council also partners and collaborates with a diverse set of international community leaders to promote a more pluralistic, tolerant, and inclusive Middle East.

Saint Hormuzd Monastery in Al-Qosh, Iraq
Al-Qosh is one of the oldest Chaldean settlements in Iraq, as it has been inhabited for 3,500 years.
The literal translation of the name is, “The God of Righteousness”


 Saint Joseph Chaldean Church in Ankawa, Iraq

Through persecution and displacement, Chaldean Christians celebrate mass