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Michael Shallal was born in Baghdad, Iraq, to a Chaldean father and a mother of English descent. Michael lived in Baghdad until he was 17 years old, graduating with honors during his academic education in Iraq. Michael’s academic excellence prepared him to succeed professionally at a young age, including managing family businesses throughout Baghdad.

At the age 17, Michael immigrated with his family to the United States, escaping the persecution of the former Iraqi regime. In the United States, Michael continued his education by graduating from Berkley High School, obtaining an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from Oakland Community College, and a degree in Information Security Systems from the University of Phoenix. At 22 years old, Michael started his first assignment working for the United States government as a cultural analyst, and then moved to a civilian intelligence analyst (contractor) for the United States Department of Defense.

Wearing multiple hats, while supporting various US departments and agencies, Michael spent 14 years of his professional career advising the United States government on Middle Eastern socio-cultural, economic, and political affairs. Michael has supported the United States Department of State, United States Homeland Security, and other intelligence agencies gaining a wealth of knowledge and establishing a solid portfolio while advising decision makers both in Washington DC and in combat. Michael supported the State Department’s Provincial Reconstruction Team effort in Iraq, where his responsibilities included, amongst other things, daily engagements with local/regional leadership, establishing security boundaries, rebuilding the infrastructure throughout Nineveh province (primarily the Christian villages in Northern Iraq), and sustaining US diplomatic efforts.

Michael has sustained three battlefield injuries during his many years of service for the US. Michael is a community leader and an American patriot, who is also proud of his Chaldean culture and heritage, and a principled citizen of unshakable faith in God.