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Gerald was born in Basra, Iraq, to an Iraqi Christian family of Syriac and Chaldean descent, and he has lived throughout Iraq as he went to primary/secondary school in Baghdad and Mosul and then to the University of Sulaymaniyah. Gerald is the nephew of the late Patriarch of the Chaldean Church, Patriarch Raphael Bidawid.

Gerald is currently based with his family in Switzerland; although he also maintains a residence in Erbil, Iraq. In addition to serving as a board member on the Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council, Gerald is also the President of the Patriarch Raphael Bidawid Foundation, a Switzerland based foundation in honor of the late Patriarch. Under Gerald’s guidance, the Patriarch Bidawid Foundation opened a medical clinic for Christians and other Iraqis in the Chaldean village of Araden, in Northern Iraq.

The Foundation has also assisted in various projects around the globe, such as for a Senior Home in Hourgada, Egypt, the Chaldean Community Center in Istanbul, Turkey, the Orthodox Church and Community Center in London, UK, the kindergarten at St. Elia Church in Baghdad, Iraq, and a new Chaldean Church in Georgia.

Additionally, Gerald is the President and Founder of Iraqi International Medical Group and partner in Zeppelin Mobile Systems. He has had an extensive career in engineering, construction, and providing mobile and fixed hospitals. Gerald holds a doctorate degree in Microbiology from the Institute Pasteur-Paris University in France. He is married and the father of four children.

Gerald speaks several languages including Aramaic, Arabic, Kurdish, French, English, and German.