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Thank you for your interest in helping Iraqi Christians rebuild, restore, and preserve our ancient Christian faith and culture in our native Mesopotamian (Iraq) homeland.

The Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council is working to restore churches, monasteries, and homes in the liberated Iraqi Christian towns in Nineveh Plain, Iraq, return displaced Iraqi Christians home, and rebuild Iraqi Christian culture.

Please read about the Campaign to Restore Iraqi Christian Culture and donate! In the summer of 2014, over 120,000 Iraqi Christians (mostly Chaldean and Syriac Christians) were forced by the genocidal ISIS terrorist group to leave their ancestral Christian towns and ancient churches and monasteries in Nineveh Plains, Iraq. After already living through a brutal decade long Genocide, Iraqi Christians faced ISIS terrorists who came to destroy the ancient Christian community of Iraq. The Chaldean and Syriac Christian towns of Nineveh Plains, Iraq, were liberated in October-December 2016. But, the Iraqi Christian community has so far not received needed aid from the United Nations to restore our ancient churches, monasteries, homes, and towns in Iraq. It has been through the generosity of Christian aid organizations and other individual donors that the Iraqi Christian community has begun the painful, but important, process of rebuilding, returning, and restoring our ancient Christian culture in Iraq.

Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council is a 501(c)(3) U.S. tax-exempt charity founded by the Iraqi Christian community. We represent Iraqi Christians internationally and promote the human, legal, and political rights of all Middle East Christians. Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council is helping Iraqi Christians rebuild and return home to our ancient towns and churches in Nineveh Plains, Iraq, and we need your help in this very important work.

We are also leading the legal efforts to get justice and restitution for the victims of the Iraqi Christian Genocide. A $25 or $50-dollar donation will go a long way to help persecuted Iraqi Christians rebuild and survive genocide. A $100 donation provides relief aid for an entire family for a month. Any amount helps.

By donating, you are helping our persecuted Iraqi Christian brothers and sisters in Northern Iraq, as well as the ones forced to live as refugees in the countries surrounding Iraq. Thank you for caring and God bless you.